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You can help shape Ohio’s budget

John KasichYou can help look through Ohio’s budget for wasteful spending.  Governor Kasich and the General Assembly are working on the process of completing Ohio’s budget for the next two years.

Many Ohio Liberty activists may have the feeling, how am I supposed to know what’s in the budget? I don’t speak legal-eze.

The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots have taken steps to help organize people interested in learning more about the budget, helping all of us learn along the way.

The way they are going to look at the budget is through the State Boards and Commissions.  There are over 590 State Board and Commissions in Ohio….590.

That may sound like a lot to look over, but that is where you come in.  Liberty leaders are asking for interested patriots to take one commission or board, really look at that piece of the budget.  Understand the wasteful spending and where the money is going.

If we split the budget up among a lot of people we will get a good objective look at the budget.

The Ohio House is in the process of conducting budget hearings on HB 64 (Main Operating Budget FY2016 – FY2017) and will put forth a budget of their own. This is an area where we can inject ourselves and have an immediate impact. As part of this process this process the OH House Finance Committee is conducting hearings on the requested budgets for the State Boards & Commissions in our state.

How you can help:

1.  Pick & identify a Board/Commission you would like to concentrate on. Let us know at the next step which Board/Commission you select so we do not duplicate efforts. This link is for all the State Board & Commissions in Ohio. In the document, it will list the purpose of the Board/Commission, how many members and how they are funded.  Not all receive funding. (Be aware – the number of boards & commissions we have is staggering!)

2. Sign up to review a Board / Commission at this link –

3.  Research & identify the previous & proposed funding for the selected Board/Commission from link #2 (Kasich’s Wish List). In Section D of Kasich “Wish List” you will find a list of State Departments, Boards & Commissions with a corresponding page that will list previous funding & proposed funding.

Ideas of what to look for:

  • Review how the budgeted funds are being spent – identify wasteful spending. Also do Google searches on the specific Board/Commission to find articles regarding how they operate and other areas where the budgeted funds for that Board/Commission are being spent.  Ask – is this spending that should be done by the state?
  • Identify which Sub Committee of the Finance Committee that will be hearing budget testimony on your selected Board/Commission under HB 64 (Budget) by contacting the Finance Committee Chairs Rep. Ryan Smith’s office (614)466-1366.
  • Contact the Chair of the Sub Committee and request that you be added to the email list for all scheduled hearings for that Sub Committee.
  • Identify the date your Board/Commission will be giving budget testimony for their funding. Obtain & review the Board/Commission funding request.
  • Identify the dates of “Interested Party” hearings. This is the public comment period on proposed funding requests.
  • With the research you did on the funding of your selected Board/Commission – present in person testimony on why it should be opposed/decreased at the “Interested Party” hearings.
  • Forward the research you conducted with the case on why funding should be opposed and/or decreased and the date of the “Interested Party” hearing on your selected Board/Commission to RE: OH Budget.
  • We will in turn send the info & Interested Party Hearing date out in mass across the state so groups and individuals can use your research to submit in-person & written testimony to oppose/decrease funding for your selected Board/Commission.
  • Some Sub Committee hearings are already being conducted so time is of the essence. To sign up, please click the following link –

If you have any questions, please email   RE: OH Budget.

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