In a gentle way, shake the world.

You are invited to learn about the best kept secret in politics

In a gentle way, shake the world.Making permanent change is the goal. We need to move this country more toward freedom and less toward government. There is a way to do it. It is proven. It is simple. Few know about it and we want to teach you.

Over the years we have used many tactics to make political change. We have written letters, gotten petition signatures, made calls, been to meetings, talked to friends, posted on social media… the ways we have tried to change the hearts and minds of people and elected officials are endless.

In our six years of doing this, the most effective thing we have seen done is running for Central Committee.  Never heard of it? You are not alone. It is the best kept secret in politics, because it holds the most power. The political class doesn’t want you to know about it because they know if you did, it would change the balance of power in Ohio.

Central Committee is something anyone can do. It is easy. The time commitment isn’t much and it is proven to make a difference in the fight against big government and bad candidates.

Central Committee is an elected position in a political party. The Central Committee person is your party representative. They have a vote on what your county party looks like. They decide the chairman of the party, how endorsements are done, what candidates get county support and resources in elections. The committee decides if a liberty-minded candidate gets help verses a government-minded candidate.

The more liberty-minded people on a county’s Central Committee the more liberty-minded candidates will get support. It sounds simple…because it is. All you need to control how your county’s political party is run, is numbers. You need enough people who believe the way you do on the committee.

Its arithmetic, not politics.

Every person in the United States has a Central Committee person representing them. Do you know your Central Committee person?

If you don’t, then it should be you.

Learn more about what Central Committee is and how it has made a difference in Ohio at a meeting hosted by the Ohio Precinct Project.

Ohio Precinct Project – Southwest Regional Meeting (Troy, OH)
When: Saturday, June 27th 9-noon
Where: The Crystal Room Conference Center – Concord Room
845 West Market Street
Troy, OH 45373
Cost: Free

Register for the event here.

If you can’t make it, but support this cause, please consider donating to the Ohio Precinct Project. It costs money to rent a space, make copies, buy snacks and water. Any help would be appreciated. To donate, click here.

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