top 10 sites for Ohio News

Top ten sites for Ohio news

top 10 sites for Ohio NewsHere at Ohio Rising we try to give you the most up-to-date news and information on Ohio Politics and on Constitutional, free market and individual rights issues.  Many have asked where we go to keep track of all that goes on in the political world.  We wanted to share with you a list of the top ten places that we look toward to get news and information.  This isn’t all of our sources, but they are the most visited.

As with anything in the world, we always consider the source.  When we are reading any news item we consider three things; who wrote it, why they wrote it and does it promote our principles (Constitutional government, free market and individual freedom).  These three things may seem elementary, but you would be surprised how often reporters try to spin what is happening in the world.

Here are our top 10 news sources.  If you have any others that you frequent, please put them in the comments and we will take a look at the content they are creating.

  1. Twitter – Everyone has heard of Twitter.  Some people use it to journal their lives, some to post articles.  The way we use Twitter is to watch the information that news sources and politicians put out themselves.  It is a great tool for gaining firsthand knowledge of what a politician, journalist or organization is working on.  Not sure where to start with Twitter.  Check out our Twitter page for Ohio Rising and look at who we follow.  That will give a good start.
  1. Drudge Report – Drudge Report has been around for years, but Matt Drudge still has one of the best news sites in the country. It is more national news, but we use it to look at trends and things that will be coming up that will affect Ohio.
  1. Ohio Watchdog – Ohio Watchdog has some of the best political commentary in Ohio. These are political writers with no agenda other than ‘watchdoging’ our government.  They have been pivotal in the fight against Medicaid Expansion and right to work efforts here in Ohio.
  1. Independent Journal Review – IJR is a national news source with a sarcastic flavor. They do a great job of putting a personal spin on the news of the day.
  1. New York Times Politics, Politico, Washington Post Politics – The main stream media still has a place in the news. They have access to politicians and stories that still need to be spread.
  1. Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer – The local mainstream media is also a good source of information. There is much more bias in the local papers than in the national papers.  We watch their content very closely before we share it and we usually put a bit of context around the information.
  1. Daily Caller – Daily Caller is a good source for videos on political issues. Watching a politician speak sometimes tells you volumes about what they are actually saying.
  1. Reason Magazine – Reason Magazine is a go to source for stories and information from a more libertarian perspective. This isn’t the Libertarian Party.  They are stories from a perspective of person freedom and individual rights.
  1. Breitbart Feed – Andrew Breitbart was an inspiration to those who wanted transparency in government. His legacy lives on through his website.  Citizen bloggers and professional journalist share stories about issues in our government that the main stream media isn’t covering.
  2. FEE – Foundation for Economic education is a great resource for looking at economics in a way that is explained through examples in the present day.

Sharing news with you is our mission.  Ohio Rising wants to educate and inspire you to become more involved with your government.  Ben Franklin said, “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”  We want to continue the tradition of well-informed men…and women.

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  1. Ricki Pepin
    Ricki Pepin says:

    Really appreciate your efforts at informing with a focus on the Constitutionality of various issues vs liberal/conservative. Along these lines, there is an organization based in Pasadena, MD known as the Institute on the Constitution. They put out a weekly e-mail “Constitutional Commentaries” that includes about a four minute you tube that uses a current event to teach a Constitutional principle. Very eye opening with a very simple approach. Here is a link for you to view an example:

    I appreciate your willingness to consider adding them to your list.

    Ricki Pepin, Constitution Instructor and commentator


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