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Tell us about good candidates in your area

Now that the filing deadline has passed for March 15, 2016, primary, we need to organize our collective efforts to help the candidates who share our values to win their primary races. To help the candidates YOU support, we need to know who they are and what offices they are trying to win. Even if they don’t have a primary, we still need to know who they are so that we can help prepare them for the general or what to do once they are on the county central committee.

Therefore, we NEED YOU to go to this link TODAY:

Tell us about EVERY Candidate you think deserves our support in March and the General. We particularly need to know about county races where we have good chances to win, but often we do not know who to support. Once we have a handle on how many and which candidates are out there, we will organize regional and state meetings to train and organize their campaign staffs and help them win their race.

ALL Candidates and Campaign Volunteers need to go to this link IMMEDIATELY to get vital information that will help them win: Training Videos for Candidates and Campaign Staff

I cannot tell you how important it is that each of you who receive this email in Ohio tells us the names of the candidates you think we should support . Then go to the Training videos and watch the ones that interest you so that you can decide how you can help those candidates locally. Please do it Today and get all your friends and family who believe as we do, to do the same!

We all know that 2016 is going to be just brutal. I am not wishing anyone a Happy New Year this year, because I see little chance that 2016 will be happy for working Americans and lovers of Liberty. Our Liberty will be attacked more this year than at any time in our lives and in the six year history of our movement. We MUST prepare to fight back by defeating them everywhere we can in 2016 – be they Democrats or Establishment Republicans. That is what this email is about. The time to prepare is BEFORE the battle begins, not after the battle begins. Enjoy the holidays, but take this two weeks to educate yourself, do your research, develop a personal strategy, decide where you can make the most impact, and to build your physical and emotional strength. For I assure you that, come January, our nation is going to need all you’ve got to give in order to save it.