State Central Committee

State Central Committee – Most important vote in the primary

State Central Committee

Click on the map to find the State Central Committee candidates in your district

The most important vote you will make in the primary is not for President, it is for State Central Committee. State Central Committee is the Governing body of the political parties.  If you are a Republican, this group of people are the standard-bearers of Republican principles – or lack of principles.  In recent years, Republicans in Ohio have stood for Common Core, Obamacare Medicaid Expansion, tax increases and increased spending.

The State Central Committee, instead of censuring these Republicans for not standing for Republican principles, they endorsed them. This group of people also endorsed Governor Kasich for President of the United States.

This March you have the opportunity to replace the members of the State Central Committee with conservatives that will stand for the principles of the Constitution. Candidates all over the state have stepped forward and put their name on the ballot – the rest is up to you, you need to vote.

Click on the map below to find your candidates.  You get to vote for a man and a woman in your district. Make sure you know your candidates and please share this map with everyone you know.

This election will not just determine the next Presidential candidate, it will also determine Ohio’s future.


GOP Debate Poll: 81% Unhappy with Party Leadership

Here are the results of our statewide 2nd GOP Presidential Debate survey.

Which candidate do you think won the debate?


Carly Fiorina  36.9%
Donald Trump  17.8%
Marco Rubio  14.2%
Ted Cruz  8.6%
Ben Carson  7.5%
John Kasich  6.1%
Rand Paul  3.1%
Chris Christie  2.4%
Mike Huckabee  1.8%
Jeb Bush  1.2%
Scott Walker  0.4%

Which candidate did better than you expected?


Carly Fiorina  25.4%
Chris Christie  19.1%
Marco Rubio  16.7%
Ben Carson  6.9%
John Kasich  6.4%
Donald Trump  6.2%
Jeb Bush  5.9%
Mike Huckabee  4.4%
Ted Cruz  3.8%
Rand Paul  3.3%
Scott Walker  1.9%

Which candidate did worse than you expected?


Donald Trump  26.1%
Ben Carson  14.0%
John Kasich  13.4%
Jeb Bush  12.8%
Rand Paul  11.7%
Scott Walker  8.3%
Ted Cruz  4.4%
Carly Fiorina  3.4%
Mike Huckabee  2.9%
Chris Christie  1.9%
Marco Rubio  1.2%

Which candidate do you currently support?


Donald Trump  21.8%
Ben Carson  16.4%
Ted Cruz  15.8%
Carly Fiorina  14.1%
Marco Rubio  11.4%
John Kasich  9.3%
Rand Paul  4.4%
Mike Huckabee  2.2%
Scott Walker  1.9%
Chris Christie  1.4%
Jeb Bush  1.3%

Did you change which candidate you are supporting after the debate?


Which major party do you typically lean toward?


Republican  73.7%
Democratic  8.5%
Libertarian  5.0%
Non-Partisan  10.4%
Other  2.3%

In general, are you happy with your party’s leadership?


1,512 people participated in our poll.