Ohio filing deadline is December 16th

OPP_LogoCentral Committee is the way we can change politics. The filing deadline to run is December 16th. Is your seat open?

  • Are you tired of politicians telling you one thing when running for office and then doing the opposite once elected?
  • Are you frustrated with begging politicians to do the right thing and getting no results?
  • Are you unhappy with seeing the same establishment candidates on the ballot every election?

There is a solution…

By taking back local political parties, regular citizens can have a more powerful say in the political process, help restore the integrity of the parties, and put more liberty-minded candidates on future ballots.

The key is learning more about something called party central committee. Central committee members are the real party establishment. These individuals elect the party leadership, approve the party bylaws, and vote to select and endorse the party’s candidates.

Now is the time to get involved!

Join others all over Ohio already making a major difference in this area. Central committee positions are elected in the primary. For counties with central committee elections in 2016, the filing deadline to run is December 16th. After December, depending on where you live, the next opportunity to get involved won’t come again for another two to four years.

Three steps to making a difference,

  1. Learn more about central committee at this link; how it works, how much time it takes to serve, its immense power to decide who gets elected, and how to become a member.
  2. Call your local Board of Elections today (directory) and ask when the next central committee elections occur in your county and how to put your name on the ballot.
  3. Click here to connect with others running for central committee in your area.

Please learn more and do your part! 

By taking back local parties, and putting more liberty-minded candidates on the ballot, ‘We the People’ truly can restore America.

Pelosi and the gavel

Most rallies make no difference

A little tough love for my friends in the movement…

See this photo?

Millions were on hand to rally against the passage of Obamacare when it was taken. Some of you may have even been there. Yesterday’s rally in DC to protest the Iran deal attracted about 5,000 people. But, as Hillary Clinton is known for saying, “What difference does it make?”

We need to stop begging.

It is no accident Nancy Pelosi is carrying a gavel in the picture above. It represents real political power. But, rallies do not. Most rallies are like gongs in the wind. They are like a child banging a spoon on a highchair. Even worse, they can be a distraction from taking action that would otherwise make a real difference.

Real impact requires real power. The most reliable power to change policy is proactive rather than reactive. This means influencing the process at the beginning, when the candidates are selected, NOT when a vote in Congress is set to occur in a matter of hours. I repeat Rick Herron’s timeless quote, “People are policy. If you want to change the policy, you have to change the people in charge.” 
All else is just a form of begging…usually too little, too late.


The clock is ticking.


The filing deadline for the next round of central committee elections in Ohio is December 16th. Call your local BOE today (directory link) and find out if a central committee election is occurring in your area this cycle. If so, ask what you need to do to put your name on the ballot and run. Reach out to others in your area to do so as well.

It is time to break the cycle of doing the same things over and over again that make no difference. Taking your local party back from the cronies and sending forward principled candidates is the first step to impactful and lasting change.

Want to learn more?

Gather some friends and take a road trip to Ohio Precinct Project’s next central committee training, September 26th in Logan, OH. The cost to attend is free.

Webinar: How Central Committee will save Ohio

Momentum is building all over Ohio to take the parties back by taking back central committees. Ohio Precinct Project had one of its best trainings ever this weekend in Ravenna, OH (pictures).
You are invited to attend a live webinar tonight. The topic is, “Why Running for Central Committee will Save Our Nation.” 
To join, click this link at 9:30PM:
Or watch here
The next OPP Central Committee Training will be held in Logan, OH (Hocking County) on September 26th.
Saturday, September 26th 9AM – 12PM
Southeast Ohio Training – Logan, OH
Where: Cornerstone Baptist Church
15024 State Route 328
Logan, OH 43138
Cost: Free
Get involved. Central Committee is how to change the world. Learn more at

Join us Monday for our first live Google Hangout

OPP_Logo_2Join Ohio Rising as we present the members of the Ohio Precinct project in our first every live Google Hangout on Air. Ohio Precinct Project is currently touring the state to teach people about the power and importance of Central Committee. Join us to hear about how powerful this political tool is to moving Ohio more toward liberty and ask your questions about how it works.

Learn more about Central Committee from

Watch the Hangout here, Monday, July 27th at 9:30 or catch it on YouTube here.

Brick wall with a painting of a flag isolated, Ohio

Ohio Precinct Project Central Committee Trainings

Ohio FlagOur country needs better political leadership.

  • Have you ever been to an election and not liked the choices?
  • Are you disappointed and frustrated by seeing the same “establishment” candidates on the ballot over and over again?
  • Are you tired of politicians continuing to spend money we don’t have and growing the size of government?
  • Are you tired of elected officials who won’t listen and do the opposite of what they promise?

Will your voice ever be heard? Can you be better represented?

The answer is YES!  

There is a way that regular citizens CAN make a real difference and take charge of the political process from the elite party establishments. The answer is through “party central committee.” Central committee members are the backbone of the political parties in our state and have a powerful influence over which candidates are ultimately elected to office – and you can be a member!

Learn how to take back the political parties in Ohio from the establishment and put better quality candidates on the ballot. Register below for one of our regional central committee trainings. Don’t delay, as seating for these important events is limited!

Saturday, July 25th 9AM – 12PM
Northwest Ohio Training – Toledo, OH
Where: Margaret Hunt Senior Center
2121 Garden Lake Place
Toledo, OH 43614
Cost: Free
Register at this link.

Saturday, August 8th 9AM – 12PM
Central Ohio Training – Pickerington, OH
Where: American Legion Post 283
7725 Refugee Rd
Pickerington, OH 43147
Cost: Free
Register at this link.

Saturday, August 29th 1PM – 4PM
Northeast Ohio Training – Ravenna, OH
Where: Maplewood Career Center
7075 State Route 88
Ravenna, OH 44266
Cost: Free
Register at this link.

Saturday, September 26th 9AM – 12PM
Southeast Ohio Training – Logan, OH
Where: Cornerstone Baptist Church
15024 State Route 328
Logan, OH 43138
Cost: Free
Register at this link.

Saturday, October 31st
Ohio Precinct Project “Rally to Recruit”
Statewide 2016 Primary Central Committee Elections Kickoff
Where: Columbus, OH
Location and Time: TBA

People are policy. If you want to change the policy, you have to be able to change the people who are in charge. Citizens can increase their influence on the political process by taking a more active role in the way candidates are chosen for the parties.

Join us for a central committee training and learn how you can help with this critical effort to turn our country around!