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Stopping Common Core on Election Day

OPP_LogoStopping an issue like Common Core takes focused effort on several fronts. In terms of the legislative arena, we are lucky in Ohio to have a group like Ohioans Against Common Core leading the way for us in Columbus.

But, standing up for better education in our state doesn’t end there.

People are policy. If you want to change the policy, sometimes you have to change the people in charge. This means nominating and electing better quality representatives. But, how do you elect better representatives when the same old choices seem to appear on the ballot every election?

Be the person who picks the candidates.

Few are aware of the existence of something called “party central committee.” Members of central committee(s) are often those most responsible for the choices we see on election day.

  • Generally, one person per precinct may serve on a party’s central committee.
  • Also called “candidate selection committee,” these individuals vet and sometimes cast votes to endorse candidates for their respective party.
  • When a candidate is endorsed by the local party during a primary, he or she has an almost certain chance of winning election.
  • Central committee members are elected during the primary and serve two or four year terms.

The Ohio Precinct Project is a non-partisan group committed to helping regular citizens learn more about and get involved with central committee. They will be holding several informational meetings around the state over the next few months. The first meeting is June 27, in Troy, OH.

Saturday, June 27, 9AM – 12PM
Ohio Precinct Project – Southwest Regional Meeting
Location: The Crystal Room, Troy, OH
Cost: Free
Registration link: https://opptroy.eventbrite.com

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more stories with you about how citizens can make a difference by serving on central committee. In the meantime, please visit OhioPrecinctProject.com to learn more.

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