Speaker of the House

Should we have a new Speaker of the House?

New Speaker of the HouseVote for the Speaker of the House will occur on Tuesday for the newly sworn in Congress.  The current Speaker of the House, Ohio’s Congressman John Boehner, has found himself with opposition in the Speaker race.  This is an insider game, but with an understanding of the rules and the effect that a small minority of Congressman can have on the process it is worth a look.

Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie has taken the lead, organizing an opposition in the Republican vote for Speaker.  Congressman Massie sites many problems with the leadership of Congressman Boehner in a press release on Saturday. ““For years I watched Washington from afar and suspected that something was broken. Why is it that so many people approve of their congressman, yet they consistently disapprove of Congress? During my first two years as a congressman I discovered a significant source of the dysfunction. I watched the House Leadership:

  • Schedule a fiscal crisis in a lame duck session on the last legislative day before Christmas to get maximum leverage over rank and file members,
  • Mislead members into thinking that a vote on an unpopular bill was postponed, only to then conduct a rushed voice vote on the $10 billion unfunded spending measure with fewer than a dozen members present,
  • Give members less than 72 hours to read bills over 1,000 pages long, and
  • Remove members from committees simply because they voted for the principles upon which they campaigned.

More from Congressman Massie, “With a process this broken, is it any wonder that Washington no longer works for the people? My constituents expect better and America deserves better. On January 6th, 2015, I will vote for a new Speaker who will consistently articulate a constitutional vision for America and facilitate an inclusive and orderly legislative process that allows Congress to truly reflect the will of the people.”

Over the weekend several key Congressman have come out expressing support for new leadership in the House.  Former House Majority Whip Candidate Marlin Stutzman, newly elected Congressman Dave Brat, veteran Congressman Steve King and several others have expressed that they will not vote for Congressman John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

They join Congressman Louie Gohmert and Congressman Ted Yoho, both of whom have thrown their hat in the ring as an alternative to Congressman Boehner for the Speakership.

There are many myths going around about the election of a new Speaker.  Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz busts these myths.

It only takes 29 members of Congress to not vote for Congressman John Boehner to make a change in the Republican Leadership. “If 29 members vote for someone other than Boehner, the process goes to a second ballot and a brokered conference meeting. That is where conservatives’ leverage begins to negotiate concessions from the inevitable litany of people who will toss their hat into the ring.”  Giving conservative members a seat at the table of leadership is the main goal.  The power in government comes from what bills are put on the floor of the House and what bills are worked on in committees.  This power is decided on during the leadership and Speaker vote.

Many members are hearing false rumors about what will happen if they don’t vote as a block. “Myth:  Not voting for Boehner can help elect Pelosi as Speaker.  FACT. The winner needs an outright majority of those present and voting, which will be roughly 218. Pelosi will never receive more than 188 votes, the number of Democrats in her conference.” There will not be a Speaker Pelosi in this Congress.  The Republican members will not vote for her.

The main goal is gaining ground on the leadership. “Myth: “We might get someone worse in a brokered conference. FACT. Although conservatives lack the votes to definitively ensure that a rock-star conservative wins the speakership, the same 29 people can veto other unacceptable choices, if one does in fact exist.”

Learn more about this process from the Heritage Foundation.

Call your Republican member of Congress today and see where they stand on the Speaker race.  The vote is Tuesday.

1              Chabot, Steve                 202-225-2216

2              Wenstrup, Brad             202-225-3164

4              Jordan, Jim                    202-225-2676

5              Latta, Robert E.              202-225-6405

6              Johnson, Bill                  202-225-5705

7              Gibbs, Bob                      202-225-6265

10           Turner, Michael              202-225-6465

12           Tiberi, Pat                        202-225-5355

14           Joyce, David                    202-225-5731

15           Stivers, Steve                   202-225-2015

16           Renacci, Jim                    202-225-3876

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  1. Dorothy Talbert
    Dorothy Talbert says:

    I am a lone great grandmother here in Delray Beach, FL, and as I watch our freedoms being sliced and diced every day, I see nothing from the Republican leadership that tells me they will fight to stop it. My “hats off” to the few conservative Republicans who stepped up yesterday and essentially signed their own “death warrant” in the House, by challenging Boehner for Speaker. They probably will never be heard from again because they dared to stand for what is right.

    My interest in looking up this Ohio tea party, is to say I will do everything in my power to help you turn Boehner out at the next election. This is where the tide might start to turn for freedom. Do I have your help?


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