Ohio Senate Priorities. Is this the best we can do?

SenateThe Ohio Senate held a press conference setting their priorities for this session.  This is a list of priorities presented by Senate President Keith Faber.

As we have been looking at the state government, many have been disappointed in the quality of leadership coming out of Columbus.  There is a lot of tinkering at the edges and very little vision looking forward.  In the press conference, President Faber was asked about the Medicaid expansion through Obamacare in Ohio.  He said, “Medicaid has been expanded in Ohio, now the question is what to do about it.”  There is no thought of removal.  There is no consideration of a fight.  The Senate and the Ohio House consider Obamacare in Ohio a done deal.  The priorities laid out reflect the level of leadership in the Senate.

President Faber began with this overall goal of the Ohio Senate, “It should be our priority to help each Ohioan secure the opportunity and their God given potential to achieve all that they can for themselves and their families.”  No one would disagree with this goal. It is a question of how we achieve it here in Ohio.

Top Ten Themes for the Ohio Senate.

  1. Jobs and Opportunity – Welfare to work, coordinate the workforce training. STEM Tax Credits – To encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) workers to stay in Ohio
  2. Small Business Tax Deduction
  3. Strengthening Ohio Schools – Local Control to local districts, illuminate costly burdens on districts that done achieve results. Testing reform with Senator Lehner (a Common Core supporter)
  4. College Affordability – 5% Senate Challenge. Reduce costs to students by 5%
  5. Protecting Ohioans – Rape statute of limitation. Powdered Caffeine. GPS tracking for violent offenders.
  6. Healthy Ohio – infant mortality, make Medicaid affordable.  “Medicaid has been expanded in Ohio, now the question is what do you do about it.”
  7. Natural Resources – Algae blooms and farm water. Energy Study Committee
  8. Reducing our tax burden – tax reform
  9. Corrections and rehabilitation – review the criminal code. Drug issues, drug prison. Supporting our Military – Offering opportunity for veterans benefits
  10. Streamlining Government – take the politicians out of government pay raises. Sunset review year to look at state agencies.

Are these the goals you would have set to make our state grow?  No mention of Common Core, one of the biggest mistakes our state has made in decades.  Student testing reform  done by a Senator who is an advocate for Common Core. No mention of the removal of Medicaid Expansion.  No mention of the illumination of the income tax, we are just going to tinker with it.  No mention of Right to Work, giving workers a choice to be in their local union.

We need leaders with the vision to tackle the big problems that Ohio faces, not nibble around the edges.

Thank you to Ohio Capital Blog for watching Columbus for us.  The videos are priceless.

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  1. Nuts Running The Asylum
    Nuts Running The Asylum says:

    Of course they aren’t going to do anything worthwhile. You just re-elected them to their cushy jobs. They don’t have to promise you anything or even do anything until the next time an election comes around. Expect more of the same meaningless talking points from both the Ohio House and the Senate.


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