Ohioans Agaisnt Common Core gear

Repeal Common Core Hearings Aug 18th

Public hearings begin soon on HB597, the repeal and replace legislation for Common Core. Learn more about Common Core here.

  • These hearings are open to the public and very important.
  • It is where the legislators learn about the issues and how they gauge public support on the issue.
  • They look to see how many people come in support of a bill. We need all the support in the room we can get.
  • We would love for you to come to Columbus, bring your kids and support the repeal of Common Core.

Public Hearings on HB597- Ohioans Against Common Core

When:  Monday, August 18th @2pm &Tuesday, August 19th @5pm 
Where: Ohio State House, Columbus

Get your Ohioans Against Common Core Shirt/Gear!

Ohioans Against Common Core has to pay the travel expenses to have experts come and testify for the hearings.  If you would like to support this testimony, please buy one of the Ohioans Against Common Core shirts. The money will support the transportation of the experts for the hearings. Click here to buy.  Please wear your shirt in Columbus on Monday, August 18th.

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  1. Grace Koch
    Grace Koch says:

    I strongly advise those who favor this Common Core, before making any assumptions for approval, do some strenuous research about it. I had. First, I was emotionally disturbed with anger when I find out these individuals who implemented this Common Core, are not affiliated with Congress, nor members of our National Board of Education. Of course this was approve by Obama. They used the Bush statement of “no child left behind”. I wrote to them letting them know I strongly opposed their massive data collections. Their reply was ‘their data collections is just like the regular school records of birthdays, birthday place, parents name, etc. and how each child progress in school. Their data collections is more than what I listed here. Kids are failing in math, (one of the subjects) included in the Common Core Curriculum, beside Literature and English. We parents lost control of the education of our children. Every child academic, and progression records will be sent to the White House, and to the entities who are part of implementing this Common Core Curriculum. I told them “when I was in school, I didn’t have to live by this Common Core Curriculum and turned out to be a better citizen, and better person in society. People are looking at the $$$ thinking this is very good. They don’t realize this very expensive, and it’s going to cost parents a lot.


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