OR EP 04

Ohio Rising EP 04: Common Core w/ Jason Hart

In this episode Ann Becker, Ted Stevenot, and Jason Hart (from mediatrackers.org/ohio) talk about the current movement of the Ohioans Against Common Core effort. House bill 587, which is a full repeal and replace effort, has been introduced and verified as a good effort by Heidi Huber to get Common Core out of Ohio and replace it with something better.

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  1. holly quick
    holly quick says:

    I pray they able to get a full repeal of Common Core. I for one, am against Common Core. I feel the kids are going to greatly struggle with this new curriculum of studies. My daughter is going into the 8th grade, and I am very concerned on how she is going to make it through this coming year. She already struggles. I have had college Math and do not understand this Common Core. How do I expect my daughter to understand it?


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