News you may have missed

News you may have missed

News you may have missed this week…

Common Core repealed in Ohio?  Kasich doubts it – From the Columbus Dispatch, Governor Kasich is unaware of the effort to repeal Common Core in Ohio.

Republicans Gauge Support for Legislation to Repeal Common Core Standards in Use in Ohio Schools – From Marc Kovac for Nordonia Hills – An update on what is happening with House Bill 597, the repeal bill in Ohio for common core.

Kasich Seeking Big Mandate from Ohio Voters – From the Columbus Dispatch, Governor Kasich doesn’t just want a victory in the November election, he wants a mandate… see above story…

We the People Convention – Learn about campaigns and hear amazing national speakers at this event on Saturday, September 20th in Columbus.

State Board of Education Candidates – From Ann Becker, get to know the candidates for State School Board and why this race is so important in November.

Obamacare Exchanges Recklessly, Often Unlawfully, Throwing Taxpayer Money at Health Insurance Companies – From the Cato Institute, “The Obama administration has no idea how many people are currently enrolled [in exchanges] but they keep cutting checks for hundreds of millions of dollars a month for insurance subsidies for people who may or may not have paid their premium, continued their insurance, or are even legal residents.”

Ohio Supreme Court Argument:  Can School Districts Raise Your Taxes without a Vote? – From The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, 1851 Center argues that Indian Hill (near Cincinnati) violated state law by raising property taxes without a vote.

Union to repay teachers $92,000 they claim was spent on political work – From, teachers sued the Ohio Education Association and 11 affiliates to contest “fair share” fees that they had to pay instead of union dues.

Is Your Town Doing Okay on Less? – A review of a report by the Buckeye Institute showing that even with the reduction in help from the state, local governments are doing well financially.

Common Core Math Will Reduce Enrollment in High-Level High School Courses – From the Pioneer Institute, study Finds Common Core Math Standards Will Reduce Enrollment in High-Level High School Math Courses, Dumb Down College STEM Curriculum.

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  1. Becky Covey
    Becky Covey says:

    I’m shocked that Governor Kasich isn’t repealing Common Core in Ohio when knowing that the majority of Ohioans are fighting against it! I’m so disappointed!

  2. Liposuction
    Liposuction says:

    I’m not surprised at all. After slapping voters and state legislator in the face bypassing state house and senate to install Medicare extension, it is almost certain that he will fight tooth and nails to keep “rotten to the core” alive in Ohio! Why? He need that tax payer money floating back to keep the illusion that he balanced the budget alive!


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