News you may have missed simple

News you may have missed |September 26, 2014

We are all busy…  Here at Ohio Rising we try to help keep you informed by gathering issues and information from all over the great state of Ohio and beyond.

Podcasts this week

Ohio Rising Podcast Episode 6 – Dr. Michael Farris from the Convention of States Project.  Learn more about a possible Article V Convention of States to change the federal problems we have.

Ohio Rising Podcast Episode 7 – We the People Convention wrap-up and Tech Summit.  Ted needed a few minutes to vent…  Listen to our observations of the We the People Convention and our upcoming Tech Summit.

Upcoming Events and Event Recaps

Technology Summit – Join us for the Technology Summit in Cincinnati, Saturday, October 4th.  Learn how you can become more effective at spreading the message of liberty.

Ten things I learned at the We the People Convention – What an inspirational event!  Big take-aways and pictures from the We the People Convention

News you may have missed

Convention of States Project – What do you think about the states calling for an Article V Convention to open up the Constitution?

Poll Workers:  A Weak Link in Our Electoral System – From Ohio Voter Integrity Project.  Poll workers are one of the major ways we can make a difference to ensure fair elections.  Learn more about this important part we all can play.

Is Ohio Republican pledging loyalty to Big Labor? – From Jason Hart at Ohio – An Ohio Republican has signed a pledge to oppose any attempt at implementing worker freedom in Ohio.

Colorado teacher: ‘I refuse to administer the PARCC’ Common Core test to my students – From the Washington Post.  A great example of civil disobedience, a Colorado teacher standing up to Common Core.

U.S. taxpayers foot bill for Ohio buggy trail, steamboat – From Jason Hart at -Taxpayers throughout the country are footing the bill for steamboat restoration, a buggy trail, sidewalks and other local projects in Ohio under the federal Transportation Alternatives Program.

Governor Kasich, Get a Clue – From Ohioans Against Common Core – Governor Kasich’s position on Common Core changes from day to day

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