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News you may have missed | October 10, 2014

This week’s new contains several stories on Common Core.  This continues to be the most important issue for liberty minded Ohioans.

The real story of Common Core – from Ohio Rising.  If you have ever had a question on Common Core… what is it, where did it come from, how will it affect our kids…  This podcast is for you.  Dr. Sandra Stotsky, national leader on the repeal of Common Core, tells us facts on Common Core that few know.  Listen to this to really understand Common Core.

Governor Kasich, Common Core is not ‘higher standards’ – From Ann Becker.  Governor Kasich did an interview on WHIO in Columbus last weekend.  In this interview, he against stated that he is for higher standards, but puts forth no opinion on Common Core.  Ann Becker writes a piece giving evidence that Common Core is not higher standards.

Rand Paul to the Prospective 2016 Field:  If you support Common Core you will lose GOP primary – From Breitbart.  “If there’s a Republican candidate out there—let’s just say there’s a hypothetical one that’s for Common Core. I’m saying that that hypothetical candidate that’s for Common Core probably doesn’t have much chance of winning in a Republican primary.”

Right to work goes against democracy – From the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Writer presents the case that unions are needed because they represent real democracy in the nation.  Problem with the piece, the writer forgets that unions don’t give most workers a ‘vote’ to be in the union.  They were forced to join. A counter argument, workers should be able to choose whether or not they join a union.

Teacher’s union sues over Common Core ‘gag order’ – From Democrat and Chronicle, Albany, New York.  New York’s major teachers union sued the state Education Department late Wednesday, challenging whether the state’s “gag order” on educators who score or administer Common Core-based tests is constitutional.

Wanted: a few good poll workers – From Cincinnati Enquirer. An opinion piece on finding good people watch the polls.

Watch Bill Gates confirm everybody’s worst fears about Common Core – Common Core critics contend that national education standards will erode local decision-making on school issues, Bill Gates confirms these worst fears.

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