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News of the Week | December 4, 2014

News of the week 4Big news this week…No vote on the Common Core repeal.  Many people are starting to feel disappointed in the Republican House on the issue of Common Core.

Get an update on House Bill 597 on our Ohio Rising podcast with State Rep John Adams from Sidney, Ohio.

Petition to Repeal Common Core in Ohio – Sign the petition to stop Common Core in Ohio.  If you have already signed, please share it with your friends.

Ohio aims to increase penalties for texting and driving – From WCPO.  A new bill before the Ohio House of Representatives recently passed the Transportation Committee would make texting a primary offense. The bill passed on a 10-2 vote. The new law would also ban use of cell phones while driving in an active construction zone or a school zone during restricted hours.

Common Core | A Holiday Wish – From Ann Becker at Ohio Rising.  A Christmas vote on the Common Core repeal would be a good thing for Ohio.

Out of the running – From Huffington Post.  Ohio Senator Rob Portman decides not to run for President in 2016.  He will instead seek a second term in the Senate.

Total US debt rises over $18 Trillion; Up 70% under President Obama – From Zero Hedge. Total US public debt hit a new historic level.

Ohio Speaker of the House Survey – From Ohio Citizens PAC.  Who will your State Rep be voting for in the Ohio Speaker of the House race.

National Education Association spends $35 million on politics – From Jason Hart at  Is political influence what the Union should be spending dues money on?

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