Pelosi and the gavel

Most rallies make no difference

A little tough love for my friends in the movement…

See this photo?

Millions were on hand to rally against the passage of Obamacare when it was taken. Some of you may have even been there. Yesterday’s rally in DC to protest the Iran deal attracted about 5,000 people. But, as Hillary Clinton is known for saying, “What difference does it make?”

We need to stop begging.

It is no accident Nancy Pelosi is carrying a gavel in the picture above. It represents real political power. But, rallies do not. Most rallies are like gongs in the wind. They are like a child banging a spoon on a highchair. Even worse, they can be a distraction from taking action that would otherwise make a real difference.

Real impact requires real power. The most reliable power to change policy is proactive rather than reactive. This means influencing the process at the beginning, when the candidates are selected, NOT when a vote in Congress is set to occur in a matter of hours. I repeat Rick Herron’s timeless quote, “People are policy. If you want to change the policy, you have to change the people in charge.” 
All else is just a form of begging…usually too little, too late.


The clock is ticking.


The filing deadline for the next round of central committee elections in Ohio is December 16th. Call your local BOE today (directory link) and find out if a central committee election is occurring in your area this cycle. If so, ask what you need to do to put your name on the ballot and run. Reach out to others in your area to do so as well.

It is time to break the cycle of doing the same things over and over again that make no difference. Taking your local party back from the cronies and sending forward principled candidates is the first step to impactful and lasting change.

Want to learn more?

Gather some friends and take a road trip to Ohio Precinct Project’s next central committee training, September 26th in Logan, OH. The cost to attend is free.
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