Kasich: Grows the state to help the poor

Governor John Kasich has taken it upon himself to become the savior of the poor in our great state of Ohio.  Governor Kasich has enthusiastically pushed nearly 500,000 more individuals onto the state’s Medicaid rolls in 2014.  His rationale, Ohio can afford it because of it’s roaring economy.

Despite Ohio’s job market still being below 2006 levels (which is prior to the recession), Kasich believes that we can afford this extra weight and long term debt.  What’s most interesting is, Ohio has added around 267,700 jobs since 2011, but in this year alone we’ve almost doubled our job growth in Medicaid participants.  In other words, there is nearly a 2:1 ratio of people receiving money and support from the system than are paying into it.


What’s even more important is that Ohio’s job creation rate ranked 44th nationally based on U.S. Department of Labor data. Meaning, we aren’t creating more jobs and more financial avenues to pay for the extra government programs.

“When I look at economic development, whether it’s tax cuts or deregulation or whatever, economic growth is not an end unto itself,” Kasich told George Stephanopoulos during a Dec. 7 ABC News interview.

Obviously, with the current direction of Medicaid recipients, Kasich cares little about whether or not our state’s entitlement programs are solvent.  As long as it helps the poor, destitute, and mentally ill, while being executed in the name of a higher power, Kasich seems to think that we can do, and spend, whatever we want with no worries about the future.

“Now, on Medicaid expansion, I’m able to bring Ohio money back to Ohio — cause I know what they do with it in Washington — and I can use it to treat the mentally ill, I can use it to help the drug-addicted,” Kasich added. “Why wouldn’t I do that, George? That’s common sense to me.”

According to Kasich, Ohio is morally obligated to expand Medicaid using the “Ohio dollars” he chose to “bring back” because the state economy is doing well, and, according to Kasich, this has nothing to do with Obamacare, which is highly suspect.

Ask yourself, what is the ultimate goal of Kasich’s plan? Most politicians would be subtle, if not secret, about their goals. Fortunately Kasich has laid them out for us in his interview with Chris Wallace from Fox News.

“My philosophy is this, Chris: As the state does better and gets stronger economically, we must help people who live in the shadows,” Kasich told Wallace.

“It’s a two-prong strategy: (1) Continue to grow the state, continue to make it stronger and stronger economically, and (2) help to lift people outta the ditch where they are, bring them into the mainstream and give them an opportunity to realize their God-given purpose.”

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