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Interview with Heidi Huber from Ohioans Against Common Core

Listen to the Ohio Rising Podcast with Heidi Huber from Ohioans Against Common Core.

This week Ohio Rising interviews one of the lead fighters of Common Core, Heidi Huber.

Heidi Huber is the founder of Ohioans Against Common Core and mother of three.  She has been instrumental in the education of activist on the issue of Common Core throughout the state and the nation.  Heidi has appeared as a guest on Glenn Beck, has been featured on Breit Bart and the Wall Street Journal.  Currently Heidi is working a citizen lobbyist the Ohio General Assembly in support of House Bill 597, the bill to repeal and replace Common Core in Ohio.

Ohioans Against Common Core is the ‘go to’ website to stay up-to-date on Common Core issues.  If this is an issue you care about, please sign-up for Heidi’s Ohioans Against Common Core emails.  Sign-up.

Heidi’s work on Common Core is mostly self-funded.  She gives hours away from her family and money out of her packet on this fight.  Please consider donating to Ohioans Against Common Core here.

During the interview, Heidi was asked to describe Common Core to someone who has just learned about it for the first time.

“Common Core is described as a set of standards.  The fallacy of that, is Common Core is an initiative.  It is an initiative to fundamentally change every classroom in the country.  They are doing that through a set of standards that also has assurances that were required as a part of the initiative and a federal grant including: teacher evaluations, a student longitudinal data system, national standards and a national assessment.  Those four components will fundamentally change the American education system.”

One comment often made about Common Core is that it was a state run initiative through the National Governor’s Association.  Heidi answers that question this way:

“The National Governor Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers sound like they are state level organizations, but they are nothing but private trade organizations.  Organizations that have no legislative authority. Not all Governors even participate in the Governors Association… There is no one elected and with legislative authority.  These organizations have received millions from Bill Gates.  These are front groups to make them sound state led.”

Common Core works under several assumptions, one of them is the idea that purpose of education is to train good workers, not to feed kids with knowledge.  The people who are expecting us to have our kids taught using Common Core don’t have their kids in Common Core schools.

“Bill Gates kids don’t go to a school that uses Common Core. Neither does Barrack Obama.  In Ohio, neither does Governor Kasich or Senate President Keith Faber.”

Ted and Heidi talk about House Bill 597, the repeal and replacement of Common Core.  They go through the steps it will take to pass the bill in the House, move it to the Senate and get it on Governor Kasich’s desk.  There are 10 Ohio House members that need to be called to encourage them to support House Bill 597.  The names and contact information are below.  This bill needs to pass before this lame duck session ends on December 31st.  The list of State Reps that need to be called will be updated as State Reps begin to make their votes clear on the bill.  The list will be updated here.

To make calling easier, Ohioans Against Common Core has developed an app that gives you the power to call and email your Representative right from the app.  Get the droid version from the Play Store here.  Get the iphone version from itunes here.

Cliff Rosenberger – Speaker Elect 614-466-3506

Ron Amstutz – Speaker Pro Tempore Elect 614-466-1474

Cheryl Grossman – Majority Whip – 614-466-9690

Barbara Sears – Majority Floor leader – 614-466-1731

Mike Dovilla – 614-466-4895

Mike Duffey – 614-644-6030

Bob Hackett – 614-466-1470

Jay Hottinger – 614-466-1482

Jeff McClain – 614-644-6265

Margaret Ann Ruhl – 614-466-1431

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