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STOP COMMON CORE IN OHIOToday, the members of the Ohio House Rules and Reference Committee voted to move Sub. House Bill 597, the repeal and replacement of Common Core, out of committee. That vote gives the bill a chance to be voted on the floor of the Ohio House.

Sub House Bill 597 is a full repeal of Common Core and a plan to replace Common Core with standards that are written by experts, teachers and parents from Ohio.  The vote to move the bill out of committee is a good step, but is not the end of the road. This vote means that the bill needs to be brought to the floor of the House by Speaker of the House Bill Batchelder in order to get a vote.

There are actions that can be taken to aid in the push to get the repeal of Common Core a vote in the Ohio House.  There are two things you can do to advocate for this bill.

First:  Call or email Speaker Batchelder and express your support for House Bill 597.  Let him know that you would like to see a vote on the House floor.  Below is a script you can use when you call or write.  Feel free to copy and paste the following note and send it to Speaker Batchelder.

Speaker William Batchelder


Phone: (614) 466-8140

Speaker Batchelder,

Thank you for your support of the repeal and replacement of Common Core.  Your leadership on this effort has shown us that you understand the importance of education and stand with parents and kids in Ohio.

I am contacting you to ask you move Sub House Bill 597 to a vote on the floor of the Ohio House   It is important that the Common Core repeal effort moves forward.   Thank you for your support.

Concerned Citizen…
Great Town, Ohio…


Second:  Contact your representative in the Ohio House.  Visit the Ohio House Contact page on Ohio Rising to find your House member and find their contact information.  Give them a call and email.  If you know that your State Representative is supportive of the repeal effort, thank them for their support and tell them that you look forward to their vote.  If you are unsure of their position or you know they are pro-Common Core you can send them the following letter.  Please feel free to change this letter how ever you see fit.

State Representative,

I am contacting you to ask for your support of Sub. House Bill 597, the repeal and replacement of Common Core in Ohio.  The vote of the bill out of the Rules and Reference Committee is very encouraging. Common Core is a very important issue to me and my family.  The following are reasons why I think you should support House Bill 597 and its replacement of Common Core with the Massachusetts standards first, then the writing of our own Ohio Standards.

We have a better alternative to Common Core with the 2009 Massachusetts standardsThe Massachusetts standards are a beautiful product, tested and proven successful.  Some people have asked, if they are so great why did Massachusetts get rid of them.  The reason was money and access.  In 2009, when Common Core was in the initial stages of adoption, the Governor of Massachusetts was Deval Patrick a close personal friend to President Obama.  The state was promised millions of dollars in Race to the Top money for moving to the Common Core Standards.  The state did not ditch the standards because of their quality, they changed because of money.  The Massachusetts standards are still one of the best standards in the world.  Ohio could become the education leader in the nation.

Common Core are not higher quality standards for English Language Arts. Ohio could do better. Here are five examples from the English Language Arts Common Core standards that make them questionable.

(1) Common Core’s ELA standards are NOT rigorous or internationally benchmarked and will not make our students competitive.

(2) There is NO research to support Common Core’s stress on writing instead of reading.

(3) Writing standards are developmentally inappropriate; little kids have no concept of validation or evidence.

(4) There is NO research to support Common Core’s stress on informational reading instead of literary study in the English class.

(5) There is NO research to support the value of “cold” reading of historical documents, a bizarre pedagogy promoted by the chief architect of Common Core’s ELA standards.

Common Core is not internationally benchmarked, not rigorous and not research based. There has been a lot of talk about Common Core helping us to move ahead in the world on tests.  The only problem is the standards have not been internationally benchmarked to any country in the world. Dr. James Milgram, Stanford Professor and only mathematician on the Common Core Validating Committee said, “While the difference between these standards and those of the top states at the end of eighth grade is perhaps somewhat more than one year, the difference is more like two years when compared to the expectations of the high-achieving countries — particularly most of the nations of East Asia.”  Dr. Milgram refused to sign off on the Common Core Standards on the validation committee due to their lack of quality.

It takes away from local and Ohio control. If I had a problem with the Ohio Standards I knew who to call.  I would call my State Senator.  I would call you.  I knew that there were elected representatives looking out for me and my kid’s education.  Now with Common Core who do I call with a question….  If I have an issue, do I have to go to the other 46 states that have signed on and ask them to change it.  How will that be possible?  Ohio will have no voice.  We have given away the right to make Ohio an education leader in the nation.

These are three very big reasons why I think Ohio can do better than Common Core.  I hope we will get your support in the repeal effort for Common Core with Sub House Bill 597.  I look forward to your vote.


Concerned Citizen…

Great Town, Ohio….

Feel free to contact your Representative several times.  It is okay to stay in contact with your elected official.  Persistency pays off! We can make a difference on Common Core.  Let your voice be heard!  The House is the first stop for this bill.  Next we need to get action for the bill in the Ohio Senate.  Stay tuned for more information on the next steps.

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  1. Robert S. Holzman, atty.
    Robert S. Holzman, atty. says:

    We need to return the supervision of our schools back to the States under the 10th amendment to the U. S. Constitution. It was never intended that the Fed. Govt. would control a matter as important as this which is reserved to the States if the Constitution is strictly followed. Congress needs to abolish the Dept. of Education at the Federal level. It has been a disaster since the case of Brown vs. the B d. of Education in 1954. Trillions has been spent busing people all over the cities and the result is total failure. The level of achievement has been dumbed down and the results are pathetic. People need to go to schools in their own neighborhoods with quality teachers who will inspire the students to want to grasp more and more knowledge.

  2. J. B.
    J. B. says:

    The biggest problem I have with this bill is that it says “repeal and replace”. It should not be replaced. Just rip it out by the roots. Get rid of both the Federal and State Dept. of Educations. Return control of children’s education back to the parents.


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