Action Alert: House Resolution Violates the Second Amendment

SHALL-NOT-BE-INFRINGED-WHAT-PART-DONT-YOU-UNDERSTAND_modelThe United States House of Representatives is putting our Second Amendment at risk in a vote that could happen as early as today.

The vote is on HR5611.  This resolution will restrict the rights of US citizens to own firearms if they are on the Department of Homeland Security’s no fly list. The resolution will impact an American citizen that has committed no crime, has not been charged with a crime and has received no due process under the law – their rights are simply taken away.

You need to call your member of Congress and tell them to vote no.

The Second Amendment reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The Amendment doesn’t say ‘Shall not be infringed’ unless a government worker puts your name on some list.

This Resolution violates the Constitution and must be stopped. There is a good chance that it will pass, with Republican votes.

Call your Representative today. Comment on their Facebook and Twitter too, if you are active on social media.

District Name   Phone
1 Chabot, Steve 202-225-2216
2 Wenstrup, Brad 202-225-3164
3 Beatty, Joyce 202-225-4324
4 Jordan, Jim 202-225-2676
5 Latta, Robert E. 202-225-6405
6 Johnson, Bill 202-225-5705
7 Gibbs, Bob 202-225-6265
8 Davidson, Warren 202-225-6205
9 Kaptur, Marcy 202-225-4146
10 Turner, Michael 202-225-6465
11 Fudge, Marcia L. 202-225-7032
12 Tiberi, Pat 202-225-5355
13 Ryan, Tim 202-225-5261
14 Joyce, David 202-225-5731
15 Stivers, Steve 202-225-2015
16 Renacci, Jim 202-225-3876

Two members of the House are leading the charge to ask members of Congress to vote no – Justin Amash from Michigan and Thomas Massie from Northern Kentucky.


House Republicans are pushing a horrendous bill this week. The gun section alone infringes the First, Second, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. We’re expecting a vote on #HR5611 in the House on Wednesday. More information here over the next couple days. You also can follow me on Twitter (@justinamash) for additional updates. #StopHR5611


“We interrupt your Independence Day for this important message from my friend Justin Amash.”  Republican leaders in the House are bringing a gun control bill to the floor this week, and unlike the votes in the Senate that frankly were designed to fail, Republican leaders WANT this bill to pass.  I agree with Justin that this House bill violates several elements of the Bill of Rights, so I will be voting No.  A law to prevent you from purchasing a gun if you are guilty of any aspect of terrorism would make sense.  In fact that hypothetical law should require you also to go to jail.  Instead, we’re voting on a law that gives the executive and judicial branches broad authority to try and predict if you might one day become guilty, and if you fall into this category, your right to keep and bear arms will be denied.  #StopHR5611 #minorityreport

Thomas Massie and Justin Amash are working to defeat this massive DHS over reach which will give them, even more, power to take our freedoms under the guise of fighting terrorism. This resolution comes up for a vote on Wednesday. Please call your Congressman RIGHT AWAY and urge them to vote NO on this resolution.

Tell them “Vote No on HR5611, No more encroachment on our freedom!”

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