Ohio Rising is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, focused on training and advocating for liberty in the state of Ohio. Our organization’s original name was, Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom, and was one of the guiding forces behind the 2011 citizens’ initiative, the Health Care Freedom Amendment (HFA). After the success of the HFA, Ohio Rising continued the fight for health care freedom in Ohio by working to stop the expansion of Obamacare/Medicaid in our state legislature. Today, Ohio Rising engages in grassroots development, training, and advocacy with the goal of achieving greater freedom and prosperity in our state.


To promote liberty and prosperity in Ohio by improving grassroots communication infrastructure, advocating for freedom friendly policies, and empowering activists to become more effective at engaging in the political process.


Ohio will be a freer and more prosperous state when the citizens are better informed about fundamentals of liberty and more capable of influencing the political process in accordance with those fundamentals. Achieving these objectives requires a combination of communication infrastructure, issue advocacy capacity, and grassroots effectiveness.

Infrastructure: Ohio has many excellent resources including liberty-minded issue groups, think-tanks, and grassroots advocates. However, a large challenge for these organizations is building the infrastructure necessary to communicate with their target audiences. A key directive for Ohio Rising is to assist these groups in making more effective use of modern communication tools such as email, blogs, social media, videos, podcasts, etc. to amplify their communication reach.

Advocacy: From time to time it is important for citizens to exercise their direct ability to affect the implementation of policy. By utilizing our unique combination of resources, we can play a helpful role in steering and accelerating such efforts.

Education: Where needed, we facilitate and provide grassroots training to increase the effectiveness of groups and individuals in the battle for liberty. Training includes topics such as basic civics, political infrastructure, use of technology, neighborhood organizing, GOTV, and more.