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2014 Ohio General Election Predictions

Satin flag, three dimensional renderSee the attached report from Election Insight, LLC which attempts to predict the outcomes of the 2014 Ohio General Elections.

A few notable predictions from Election Insights, LLC:

  • “With the Election 1 day away, Election Insight, LLC is predicting that turnout in Ohio will be 50.72% which is on par with previous elections.”
  • In Ohio’s Gubernatorial race,  “Additionally, we are predicting John Kasich will handily win his reelection by 18% (59% to 41%) over Ed Fitzgerald. “
  • “Looking at Ohio’s Congressional races, Election Insight, LLC is predicting that all Incumbents will easily hold onto their seats with little to no threat from the respective opposing party. Furthermore, all open seats will stay with the party by which they were previously controlled. The net effect will be 12 held seats by Republicans and 4 seats held by Democrats.”
  • “Election Insight, LLC is predicting that all currently party controlled seats in Ohio’s State Senate will remain with their respective parties.  That means that the Republicans will hold 10 seats and Democrats will control 7 seats.  Of note, no incumbents will lose their seat nor will any have any serious opposing party challengers.”
  • “Election Insight, LLC is predicting that Ohio’s House of Representatives will follow much of the same trends that other races in Ohio seem to be following.  Nearly every incumbent will retain their respective seats while the party that controlled the seat prior to it being open will still control that seat.”

View the full report from Election Insight, LLC at this link.

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