Grassroots Infrastructure

What are the tools to make you most effective on the ground?  Is it door-to-door, mailers, or phone calls?  Or is it new ways to communicate via blogs and social media?

Learn the tools to make your voice heard above others as well as speak directly to the people who want to hear your message.  We can show you the tools that will build your audience that will give you the ability to have actual impact on your elected representatives.



Community Education

In order for citizens to be able to have the greatest impact on our representatives, we need to understand the power that we have.

The most important thing that we can do is exercise our freedom of speech.  The second is the ability to impact elections. Because of how Ohio is districted, there are many opportunities to be effective voicing and enacting policies of liberty.

Social media

A Case For Communication

The Founding Fathers would have done anything to have access to the tools of learning and communication that we take for granted. Yet, even with access to an unlimited stream of information and ease of publishing our opinions, we struggle to preserve and defend our freedoms. Just like the Founding Fathers, the fight to control information is key to preserving individual freedom and keeping our government accountable to the people that they represent.